Since they let go of Brian, due to some technical circumstances, I have not yet seen Junoon as a band. Ever since we were young, we have seen Junoon as the band with the white guy, but now they don’t have Brian and I just don’t picture a complete band without him.

It also seems as if Junoon is falling apart, because both the remaining artists in the band, Ali and Salman, have released their own solo albums are just using the name Junoon to promote their own albums. 

I personally feel as if Junoon’s time has come, unless they come up with another amazing track which they have not been able to do for quite some time now. There is no doubt they are great live performers but that is just because of their old songs. They have not been able to bring those hits back again. If anything, they have managed to ruin the old classics such as Khawab as well by releasing the new version of Khawab.

I just hope they find a way to stick together and make a good release before people forget about them.



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