So you’ve been going out with that special someone for the past few months or maybe even years. But now its finally getting to that point where you both know its over for whatever reason it might be, when one of you so optimistically says “lets still be friends”. Now I know it seems like an excellent idea since you two were close, shared things, and were there for each other, and essentially that is what friendship is but you’re forgetting that, well, you don’t kiss your friends. Friendship after a relationship might seem like a good idea but its just NOT. Remaining friends would mean that you would have to keep contact with that person and it’s hard to move past someone if they’re constantly there. Many of us need to start disliking things about the person we were with to help us move on. We forget that while we are in a relationship we tend to ignore some of the annoying little habits the person we’re with might have, and that since we’re not together anymore, those annoying little habits make you want to strangle the other person everytime. No? Maybe its just me.

Alright so barring you do somehow move past the annoying habits and dont have feelings for the other person anymore, in that way atleast, and by “in that way” I mean sexual feelings, and you do somehow make friendship happen, you come across the problem of the next person. If you’re a girl, then theres the issue of the next guy you’re going to be with. No guy in his right state of mind wants to have around some other guy who has had more experience on the equipment he’s trying to operate. So your new boyfriend, whether he does it subtley or not, is gonna get you to phase the ex out. And well guys, you don’t want your girlfriends ex-boyfriend hanging around now do you? As the great Chris Rock once explained, that a girls platonic male friend is like a dick in a glass jar, she can take it out whenever she feels the need to. And that’s never any good for you.

Sure you might think there’s got to be more to it than just that, but those are the only things I deem important enough to mention, and to my experience i’m normally correct. So try it out, be friends if you want be, see if you dont end up hating the other person or get yourself beat up by her new boyfriend. If you do get past the hatred after some period of time and try to be friends again, its just going to be awkward. And if you happen to be one that is still in love or have feelings for the person you’re no longer with, then you’re going to be marred with jealousy and the need to always know what the other person is doing or whom he/she is with. The truth is just that guys and girls that were in a relationship aren’t meant to be friends afterwards. Reason being that relationships aren’t based on friendship, they’re based on sexual attraction. 

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