A lot of people find themselves drifting from the other person when they are in a long distance relationship. Let it be only in the next city or let it be in a different country. First you meet someone and you feel like you guys are inseparable and than that person moves away and than they start their new life and needs a time to adjust in the new setting which creates a distance from their older life including older relationships. The key to successful long distance relationship is to respect each other’s individuality, do not overpower your opinions on to them and also give a chance to both parties to make their own decision. Also, the key is to make sure there is sufficient communication (which could be a problem in some cases where the other person feels that they don’t want to be on the phone all the time because they want to discover new things in their new life, which makes it harder for the person in the older setting to get used to because they are used to living their life with the other person and all of a sudden there is that part of their life missing). Also, make sure you are still a big part of their life by sending them gifts or by going to see them every chance you get. Long distance relationships can be very hard and really critical in the sense that any little mistake can ruin your relationship because it is way harder to communicate over the phone than in real life and there is a bigger chance of miscommunication.

But long-distance love also has its upside as well. Remember that relationships are all about the connection between two people. When you find a strong romantic connection, even if it’s not conveniently located, then that is perhaps the greatest “pro” of all.

  •  Be realistic. Face the pros and cons of your long-distance romance so you won’t be surprised when there are bumps in the road. For example: 
    o There are going to be times when you miss her terribly. As Washingtonian Mary, says, “You have to make peace with occasional feelings of sadness when you say goodbye over and over again.” Accept that a long-distance romance means that you have more time on your hands—be proactive by filling that time with friends and activities that bring you joy. 
    o It’s way too easy (and very risky) to project your feelings of fear onto your long-distance love. Spend the next few weeks becoming more aware of your feelings and what triggers them before your fingers start (over)dialing.
  •  Get smart about telephone communications. Don’t have difficult conversations that are best shared face to face. In his book, Long Distance Relationships: The Complete Guide, Dr. Gregory Guldner, MS, offers several strategies for separated couples to avoid telephone fights, such as to focus on quality of the calls vs. quantity and to save tough talks for when you are together and relatively relaxed.

    Overall, there’s always that first moment in any romantic relationship (long-distance or otherwise) when the real world intrudes on the honeymoon. Frequency of calling might be your first big issue, but don’t lose hope. It’s normal to start discussing your needs and negotiating aspects of your relationship, but do this in person. Depending on how it’s used, the telephone can be both a friend and an enemy in a long-distance relationship.

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