Ishq Da Rog is the latest release from the upcoming British Asian flick ‘Born To Be King’. Described by many as a Punjabi Rock Balled, it has all the makings of a hit. Featuring the powerful vocals of the legendary Harbhajan Talwar (XLNC), the song is the fourth track released from the Born To Be King soundtrack.

Following the success of previous track releases, including ‘The Way You Look (Baby Girl)’ by the artist KCK, ‘I Am The King’ by Apache Indian and ‘Khushiya’, another Punjabi song by Harbhajan Talwar in his classic style.

Bringing Bhangra to Britain with an explosive soundtrack, the upcoming Born To Be King is taking the music scene by storm. A fresh and energetic sound merging the best of the Punjab and Britain. Featuring an eclectic mix of both contemporary and traditional sounds, the soundtrack includes original compositions from renowned and award-winning artists and producers including the world famous Rishi Rich.

Born To Be King is a British Asian film which bravely takes on government corruption and indifference towards India’s growing drug problem. The movie is the latest project from director Satyajeet Puri and features a cast of British and Indian talent, including Ateesh Randev, Puneet Issar, Deana Uppal and Sonam Bajwa. The film follows the trials and tribulations of a young British man Balraj (Ateesh Randev), who goes to the Punjab with his grandfather Bhagat Singh (Puneet Issar) to ‘find himself’, following years of living a directionless life with endless partying and frivolity. In so doing, he not only makes a new life for himself, but also brings about significant change for the local people.

The film aims to appeal to a wide audience, highlighting the pressures of growing up as a third generation British Asian, while simultaneously celebrating Indian culture.

The movie soundtrack is released on the ASK Movies Ltd label and is available now via digital stores.