When I received them, I had to play around with the ear tips (they come with few ear tips and hooks) to find the perfect fit but once I got the right fit, they feel so comfortable and secure in your ear.

Setting up the soundbuds was very easy. Just turn on your SoundBuds by pressing the power button, look for the blue flashing light by the power button on the SoundBuds and go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings, find “Anker SoundBuds” click on that, and pair.

That’s it. No need to input any codes or anything.

I tested these SoundBuds out with different genre of music. The mid and high tones are good but the bass could be improved upon. While comparing them to other brands in this price range such as Xiaomi or Meelectronics, the bass is a bit lacking but when compared to another Bluetooth ear phones like Aukey, these are comparable or a bit better in built quality and sound quality.

These do have a microphone installed on the right ear which is very convenient to have. The mic is good but I wish they had included noise cancellation as the other side complained about hearing the background noise, so you can’t compare these to a good set of Bluetooth headset such as Plantronics Legend but for normal use these are pretty good.

The buttons on the SoundBuds have good feedback to them. The left ear has the volume buttons and the right ear has your power button which can be also used to pause, play next song etc.

Few good things with this ear buds which others don’t include are the fact that they have a little tie on the wire which lets you adjust the wire length to fit you perfectly rather than extra wire just hanging around your neck and they also have magnets on the backs of the units, so when you take the earbuds out they can clip together. It is also very lightweight which is great so you don’t feel like you’re wearing anything after a little while.

The battery life on these earphones is amazing, they will last you few days without a charge (depending on how much you listen to) but the good thing is they use the convenient micro usb cable to charge which is found everywhere in case you do need to charge.

I would highly recommend these headphones for under $30! You can’t go wrong!