‘Jahan’ by Renee


With many years of classical training and brimming with passion for music, Renee is the much-awaited breath of fresh air that the music industry has been waiting for.

Her new single Jahan is produced by the multi-talented ‘Vee’ with Renee providing the lyrics. Industry chiefs have been astounded with her vocal abilities and her versatility as a singer and those talents are clearly evident in this new song.

Born in Lucknow in India, Renee began singing at an early age. Throughout her schooling years she became a regular singing voice on All India radio. Later, she arrived in the UK to study fashion design and worked as a buyer in the fashion industry.

Soon after that came marriage and children which took her on an adventure to Dubai where she spent 7 years. But her passion never dwindled and she soon returned to British soil with the aim of one day pursuing her ultimate dream of creating music for the masses.