Between day one and day two, Anurag Basu’s Jagga Jasoos recorded a growth of around 20-25 percent in the collections. It is not clear at the moment what its final outcome at the boxoffice would be. There are reports from all over India of audiences walking out of the film, much in the same way that they did during Salman Khan’s Tubelight a month ago.

However, while the marketing and PR machinery is speaking of the film “growing”, the distributors and exhibitors are groaning at the  prospect of another loser at the box office. The Jagga Jasoos team is not really grieving over the poor collections. “We knew what was coming,” a prominent individual from the production team says. “We knew it was dicey. But we hoped it would pick up over the weekend. And it has.”

However plans of doing a sequel to Jagga Jasoos have now been dropped. According to sources, this decision was taken even before Jagga Jasoos released. “Anurag Basu had written the film as an ongoing series — the adventures of Jagga Jasoos — just like Satyajit Ray filmed the adventures of Feluda. But making Jagga Jasoos was not easy. It has been an exhausting experience. And audiences’ response is not encouraging enough. So the sequel won’t happen,” says the source.