Maz Bonafide Presents the Wedding Anthem of the Year


Bonafide have a reputation of getting the dance floor packed, and Maz from the hit making duo continues this success with his latest solo single ‘Shaadi Veer Di’. Set to be the wedding anthem of the year, the upbeat bhangra track showcases Maz’s versatility as an artist who is capable of creating memorable songs for the most special occasions.

Having won numerous international awards for videos to his previous hits Jaan and Nazar Na Lagey, including the award for the Middle East Most Favourite Video of 2016, it is no surprise, Shaadi Veer Di is another high-quality production.

Featuring a celebrity appearance from the pop princess of Pakistan Annie Khalid and her real life husband Saad Ahmed Khan, the video presents a lively wedding atmosphere with family and friends showering happiness on the bride and groom. Special guest appearances also include YouTuber Azzy Jatt and politician George Galloway who are spotted dancing in the crowds.

Maz Bonafide said: “After having performed at many weddings across the globe, I wanted to make a track that created the feel of a real wedding. I had been planning to collaborate with Annie Khalid for a while and we both agreed this would be the perfect opportunity to work together and she was happy to star with her real life husband as the center stage couple in the video.”

Annie Khalid added: “Maz and I have been friends and colleagues for years and we are currently working on a song together. Whilst discussing ideas for our collaboration, Maz suggested also making a cameo appearance in ‘Shaadi Veer Di.’ I was really pleased to do so and enjoyed feeling like a bride for the day again.”

Shaadi Veer Di released worldwide on 24th August.