While many consider him a superhero, courtesy Krrish, Hrithik Roshan is also known for his well-maintained physique. Although initially it was all about personal fitness and prep for films, now the actor has taken it a step ahead as he intends to take this further to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As a part of his new venture, Hrithik Roshan has curated his workout regimen for those who aim to achieve the perfect 10 physique. The said venture is a part of his collaboration with popular fitness centre Cult.fit and is available at their CULT gym centres. The regime titled HRX workout was designed by the actor with the help of popular fitness trainer Mustafa Ahmed. The regimen focuses on increasing body strength and core activation and hence the workout includes mobilizer, primal movements, ZMR [Zero Momentum Rep which is a weight training method] among others.

Talking about how he believes in the concept of healthy living, Hrithik Roshan revealed that he wanted his brand to reflect the same philosophy. He further explained the concept in detail by stating how it is about bringing about a transformation in lifestyle and understanding the connection between mind and body. The actor also asserted that the method may be customized as per customer’s requirements and body types.