Home Fashion Looking for your Monday to Friday workwear inspiration? Here are some power-dressing...

Looking for your Monday to Friday workwear inspiration? Here are some power-dressing tips.

Looking for your Monday to Friday workwear inspiration? Here are power-dressing tips for the boss lady in you.

Dressing to be ‘workplace appropriate’ does not have to mean letting your personal style sense fly out of the window and only reappear on outings or weekend lunches. There are myriad takes on classic workplace fashion that works perfectly so you can own the look and also effortlessly smash that glass ceiling.

If you’re looking for a wardrobe overhaul, look no further. Get-set to turn heads your way with these easy-to-adopt tips and tricks.

1. The quintessential blazer

If you don’t have a blazer in your wardrobe yet, now is the time to buy one. This is the most versatile piece of clothing that can be worn formally in the office and then dressed down for parties too. For a Spring/Summer alternative, choose jackets in linen, cotton and lighter fabrics.

2. Dress to impress

A formal dress is a must-have for a working woman. Wear one for important meetings, events or conferences and look effortlessly chic. Choose the fabric according to the weather as there are multiple textures, silhouettes, prints and patterns to try from – tweed, plaid, wool, linen, georgette and more.

3. Semi-formal culottes

Culottes are the cross between two of the most comfortable outfits – Palazzos and shorts. Wear them with a trendy pair of pumps and you are ready for a formal event; wear them with sneakers and you are ready for a hectic day of moving around.

4. Pencil skirt

Go for a solid shade in a pencil skirt that you can pair with a smart blouse or a button-down shirt. If you’re not into solid shades and want to experiment with your look, go for pinstripes, houndstooth, geometrical patterns and more. Accessorize the look with a stylish pair of earrings and you are ready to look your absolute best anytime, anywhere.

5. Stilettos, loafers, sneakers

A pair of good shoes is a must-have in the workplace and beyond. Go for a comfortable pair of heels for the office floor and keep a pair of flats or loafers handy for the days you just want to go without the heels! Remember to invest in a pair of sneakers that you can wear while travelling so you take care of your feet and shoes simultaneously.

6. A tote in red or hot pink

Small bags and baguettes and sometimes fashion favourites for women across age groups and professions but big bags are always the best. They work like carry-alls – from carrying your laptop to a lunch box to a book, makeup kit and more, a big bag is essential for every working woman. If you’re stuck with a simpler choice of colours in your outfits, a bright-hued bag will also give you an edge in your look.

7. Watch it

A watch is the ultimate piece of workplace bling. It not only demonstrates your organisational skills but also shows you have good taste and would invest in a worthy accessory. From classic dials to smartwatches in the digital age, one is spoilt for choices but whatever your choice is, in terms of the kind of dial or the type of strap (nothing too flashy for office), make this one of the must-have additions for your wrist and workwear style.

8. Make-up

Keeping it subtle is key to getting your makeup right. Go for a light foundation or mousse and blend it in equally. Keep a nude eyeshadow palette handy along with black kohl, gel-based eyeliner and a light lipper. If you’re feeling adventurous on a certain day, switch the eye makeup for a darker shade of lipstick and voila! you’re all set.



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