With 12 singles and five popular Hindi film songs under her belt, singer Aastha Gill says her journey as a singer has been full of ups and downs. She divulges, “I have learnt a lot while working with many musicians including Badshah. Today, I have learnt that you have to make things happen for yourself. After DJ Wale Babu song, which was a huge hit, as I was new, I didn’t know how to go ahead. I was clueless. I thought maybe this is not meant for it. I ended up with a three year break. I didn’t understand how things work but I kept on fighting and kept at it. Things happened for me, even though a little later. One should have faith in ourselves, I feel.”

She reveals that she left her job to sing songs and the leap of faith that she took, worked for me. “Thinking about society will always keep you confined, I feel. Sometimes you have to be strong and go ahead to fulfil your dreams. Break barriers and do your thing,” Gill advises.

The singer has been coping in this pandemic by creating music and says, “I have started writing lyrics and collaborating with various artistes. I got so much time for brain storming this year. Everyone is working and we have to move on in life. Everyone is also being careful and we have regular sanitisation being done in studios. I am glad that finally we are all working.”

The Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai singer recently released a single called Crazy Lady. “It was an anthem for self-love and says one should embrace your crazy side. I had faced judgement for being myself. On social media, I would get comments like pagal hai, jhalli hai but I didn’t let it affect me much. I took it in the positive stride. I think everyone who has pushed themselves and been a bit crazy, has become successful. One has to accept what he or she is,”she concludes.


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