Ali Noor has been on a self-discovery journey this year being in quarantine and has released songs outside of his comfort zone and contunes to experiment with new sound which is very welcoming. His vocals can be recognized from Noori’s era but the new energized sound mixed with synths, layers of vocals, experimental sounds, and electronic drums is definitely fitting in today’s time. As they say a true artist keeps evoloving and is like a child that never puts down their crayon and Ali Noor has definitely proven to be an artist that keeps evolving through his journey.

With that said, Ali Noor is ending the year with another masterpiece, Gavo. The beautiful punjabi lyrics and the energy of the song will keep you repeating the song as you end the year! We are looking forward to his new solo album which should be releasing soon in 2021!

Check out the song below and let us know what you think!


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