Pahlaj Nihalani had quite the controversial tenure as the head of Central Board of Film Certification but eventually retired and Prasoon Joshi took his seat. Pahlaj Nihalani had been off radar for quite some time now and has come back with a few questions. Pahlaj Nihalani was constantly questioned and criticised for his way of operating and chopping some major scenes from the films under the pretext of intimate scenes and foul language.

Pahlaj Nihalani asks why the new management of CBFC is not being questioned by the filmmakers like he was

In his recent interview, Pahlaj has asked as to why the filmmakers have not questioned the new management yet. He further said that he was not in favour of the obscene scenes but gave a greenlight to the use of foul language to a certain extent. Pahlaj said he was only doing his job and was the only one making the noise. He also said that people questioned him more during his tenure with the CBFC.

Signing off, he said that if one is not criticised, they can never be able to carry the torch.


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