See Prime Releases a New Short Film ‘Dil Kya Karey’

[Karachi, Pakistan 1st March, 2021] After consecutively providing its audience with one hit after another, See Prime has now released a short-film by Fayyaz Khan Lodhi, ‘Dil Kya Karey’, solely based on love, expectations and desires, starring the duo of Ali Ansari and Inaya Khan. 

The story of this film revolves around a girl who moves to a new town for a job. There she falls in love with a young man who fails to acknowledge her existence. She continues day dreaming about him nonetheless until one day she comes face to face with him and ends up surprised at what she discovers. What happens at the end of the film is a sad surprise for the viewers. 

When asked about the short-film, the executive producer, Seemeen Naveed went on to say, “This film is a perfect depiction of how when it comes to having dreams about love, it doesn’t matter what flaw you have, you are free to find solace in your own self. The cast and team have worked very hard to make this concept come to life.” 

This enlightening tale is scripted down by Dilawar Khan, produced by Faheem Inayat, Hashim Iftikhar and Afnan Ahmed Siddiquie under the banner of Asbestos Productions. It is now available for viewing on See Prime’s YouTube channel.



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