[Karachi 27th March, 2021] Dr. Farah Essa is known for her multifaceted career as a renowned healthcare worker whilst making Pakistan’s name shine with her soulful renditions. With her hymn like tunes and mesmerizing vocals, Dr. Essa has once again managed to create ripples in the world of cultural music with her emotional new ballad, ‘Yaad Teri’.

Penned by Sabir Zafar, Farah Essa has teamed up with Waqar Ali, the brother of LagayaDil singer Sajjad Ali, to work on the stellar composition for her latest piece! With Waqar Ali’s talent for composition, as seen in his previous body of work, ‘Yaad Teri’ excels with its unique rhythm and classical nuance; keeping in mind that albeit a tragic subject matter, the beat does not bring the audience down but rather, transports them to another wavelength. The music compliments Farah Essa while she tells the melodious tale of love lost and dearly missed. The visuals presented in this wonderfully articulated song invoke a deep longing in the listener, perhaps reminding them of something or someone once cherished; Dr. Essa manages to elicit a raw and emotional response with the help of her signature harmonious style of singing.

The powerful chords hit in sync with the dreamy aesthetic, parallel to nature with the use of colours and paint truly bring the blank canvas to life with the singer’s ability to empathise and bring deep-rooted feelings to the surface. ‘Yaad Teri’ clearly illustrates the pain and longing experienced when an individual is separated from their loved one, creating a universe of its own. Although the element of sadness is omniscient, it manages to pull in the audience, personally affecting them with a strong sense of nostalgia.

Farah Essa yet again stays atop the everchanging musical industry in Pakistan, managing to combine culture, art and entertainment with her craft.


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