Home Entertainment Mashal Khan stars in ‘Ajnabi Humsafar’ on Sab TV

Mashal Khan stars in ‘Ajnabi Humsafar’ on Sab TV

Mashal Khan stars in Ajnabi Humsafar Produced by Elements Prime and directed by Ashar Asghar, the story revolves around Mashal’s character who finds herself abandoned on the day of her wedding by the love of her life. star cast includes Omar Shahzad, Imran Aslam, Adeel Abbas, Aurangzeb Leghari and Hanif Bachchan.

Mashal Khan plays the girl-next-door, madly in love with her groom to be, who abandons her unexpectedly on the day of the wedding.

 The story then traces her journey towards rebuilding her life after the fact. Will she find love again? Will she move on from the loss? 

 Catch the premiere of ‘Ajnabi Hamsafar’ on Wednesday 21st April at 8 pm on Sab TV. 

To watch online click on the youtube channel of SAB TVPakistan: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEYLn1gbYN-Z1XKTXOGMcvA 




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