‘Put Your Hands Up’ is Blitzkrieg’s second single from his latest album ‘Demo Tapes’

Produced by the UK’s very own Mentor, formerly from the Mentor Kolektiv and 2.9 Records, the track is a superb example of the explosive results of the Toronto Urban Desi sound teaming with the dynamic skills of one of London’s finest.

Blitz says: “This track was literally recorded in one take (no punch-ins etc). I always look forward to working with Mentor, our musical synergy is reflected in the end product and the music speaks for itself.”

The last time Blitz and Mentor collaborated was on ‘Dil Laghi‘ featuring Rafaqat Ali Khan and mainstream Canadian rapper Choclair. The song featured on Blitz’s game-changing album ‘Get Blitz‘.

Before the advent of social media and long with his long time collaborator Roach Killa, Blitz pioneered the sound of Toronto’s urban Desi music scene and helped it gain worldwide recognition through constant international touring and radio/video play.

Blitz’s latest project, appropriately titled ‘Demo Tapes‘ is a collection of some of the classic Blitzkrieg tracks that initially gained him international notoriety but have been previously unavailable via digital outlets.

‘Demo Tapes’ released via all digital outlets on 30th May 2021.

Check out and follow Blitzkrieg on Insta @blitzmusic1 as he releases a new video/song every Sunday at 11am EST / 4pm UK time.

Stay in touch with Mentor @mentorBeats


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