Bollywood singer and composer Vishal Dadlani has come in the defence of viral boy Sahdev Dirdo. The young sensation had recently featured in rapper Badshah’s version of ‘Bachpan Ka Pyar’ and Sahdev was brutally trolled by the netizens by saying he doesn’t have talent and what he does is not singing etc. Vishal bashed people who said such nasty things about the kid and asked them to think and speak as he is just a 10-year-old child. The singer also schooled people on why they will achieve by putting a small kid down.

Vishal Dadlani slams netizens who trolled the viral boy Sahdev Dirdo of 'Bachpan Ka Pyar' fame’

As the kid went viral overnight he was picked up by rapper and singer Badshah to create a trendy version on the already viral track. But the audience didn’t get impressed and started slamming and trolling the young boy. Vishal Dadlani gave an earful to those people and asked them to not compare one child to another.

Vishal called out such people who are pitting kids against each other, calling one better than the other. Sahdev had also become a butt of jokes and memes when he was invited to grace the stage of Indian Idol as a guest. The 48-year-old singer took to his Instagram handle and posted a long video of him defending the viral boy and captioned it, “Dono achche nahin ho sakte kya? Leave them kids alone”.

Vishal Dadlani in his video said that he has been observing people saying how a particular boy who sings well should get famous and why has the Bachpan Ka Pyar boy become viral overnight and getting a lot of attention. He said that both are young kids and should be treated equally and not compared with each other. He further said that one child can sing better than another but just because Sahdev became viral doesn’t mean he must be put down. Finally, he added that one is entertaining and the other is talented and both are good in their own way and people must accept both. In the end, he bashed people and declared them to be kind as he is just a kid and this behavior isn’t pleasing.


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