The food delivering platform Zomato became a topic of discussion on Twitter after a Tamil Nadu customer complaint about chat support executive asking him to learn a little bit of ‘national language’ Hindi. Not only this but he even shared screenshots of his conversation on the micro-blogging website after which irked Netizens started trending hashtag #RejectZomato

Food delivery giant Zomato became a topic of rage on social media after its chat support executive asked a customer from Tamil Nadu to learn Hindi. It all happened when an agitated customer named Vikash shared screenshots of his conversation with the company on his Twitter handle. The pictures showed him facing trouble with his order and asking the executive to call the restaurant for the confirmation. The Zomato executive in his response says that they have called the eatery five times but could not get any clarity since there is a “language barrier.” Replying to the same, the customer replied and said, “That is not my matter of concern” and asks for a solution. In return, the response he got left him as well as the internet angry.

Demanding a refund, Vikash said, “If zomato is available in Tamil Nadu, they should have hired people who understand the language.” To this, the executive said, “For your kind information, Hindi is our national language. So it is very common that everybody should know Hindi little bit.”

As soon as she shared the post, it went viral. Reacting to the same, Zomato Care wrote a tweet and called the incident ‘unacceptable.’ They even replied to Vikash’s demand for public apology and wrote, “Vikash, as per our telephonic conversation, your concern has been addressed. Do reach out to us for any further assistance.”


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