After the super success of Garba Riddim in 2020, Reggae star Don Dee brings his own special vibe to Navratri and the Garba dance-floors!

Navratri is upon us, and millions of Hindus worldwide are celebrating the 9-day festival in their own special ways.Known for his reggae vibes and its fusion with Bollywood tunes, Don Dee gives us Garba Riddim 2.0 to spice up the Garba proceedings.

Working alongside his long-term collaborator Rishi Rich, they together deliver a high-energy track which is guaranteed to be included in Garba playlists for years to come.

Don Dee says: “I love to remix and fuse traditional music to help guide younger generations to listen to a variety of music so we can still keep the culture alive to a degree. One love.”
Garba Riddim 2.0 is out globally via digital outlets and streaming platforms.


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