As per recent reports, Sonu Nigam has been admitted the hospital after a few people caused a major ruckus at his concert in Mumbai. The Padma Shri award-winning singer was performing at a finale of a homegrown festival in Chembur when an MLA’s son and his nephew attacked the stage after they were unable to fulfill their wish of getting a selfie with Nigam. While the security guards try to bring the chaos under control, some of them sustained injuries too.

From what we hear, Shiv Sena MLA Prakash Phaterpekar’s son and nephew was keen on clicking photographs with the singer and was attempting to interrupt the concert while Sonu Nigam was singing on stage. When the bodyguards and security tried to stop him from entering the stage, the matter worsened as he and his team got into a fight with the guards, which resulted in chaos. A video of the same has been doing the rounds on social media. Although Sonu was rushed to the hospital, followed by the incident, it seems that the singer is doing well. However, his close aide, Rabbani Khan (his guru Ghulam Mustafa Khan’s son) and his bodyguard is expected to have sustained a few injuries.

Sonu Nigam reportedly opened up to ANI about the incident saying, ““After the concert, I was coming down from stage when a man Swapnil Prakash Phaterpekar held me. Then he pushed Hari & Rabbani who came to save me. Then I fell on steps. I filed a complaint so that people should think about forcefully taking selfies & causing scuffle.”

Recent reports have confirmed Sonu Nigam has filed a complaint with the Mumbai police regarding the incident and a case has been registered against the accused under section 323, 341, 337 of IPC with regards to using physical violence, causing harm and endangering the safety and well-being of others. The police also addressed the media with relation to the case, in which they have asserted that the accused’s name is Swapnil Phaterpekar.


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