“3Q Records” & “3Q Media” presents “Anantpal Billa” with his brand-new EP titled “Limitless”. The EP features music by “DXL”, “Reverb Musik”, “Gurvinder Singh” and “DJ Bobby Dubb”. The lyrics for the EP have been penned by ”Bhinder Khanpuri”“Rajeev Sherkhan” and “Jinder Jinda”. The artwork & visualizers have been created by “DXL”. The videos were shot & edited by ”Sonu Sekhon” and “RCovision”.

Track listing:

1.    Anantpal Billa & DXL – Sajna

2.    Anantpal Billa & Reverb Musik – Putt Jatt Da Feat. Cheshire Cat

3.    Anantpal Billa & Gurvinder Singh – Janam (My Life)

4.    Anantpal Billa & DJ Bobby Dubb – Chakma Geet

5.    Anantpal Billa & Gurvinder Singh – Roya (Cry For Me)

“Anantpal Billa” has gained enormous success over the years due to being such a versatile vocalist. He has featured on many hit singles worldwide including the EP ‘Underestimated’ which in 2022 released with “3Q Records”. The team are now back with a new EP titled “Limitless” which features collaborations with the next generation of producers who have recently joined the label.

The EP ‘Limitless’ is set for release on Thursday 6th July 2023 and will be available on all major platforms.


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