As all eyes are set on the ongoing Indian Premiere League aka IPL, the team owner of the popular cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders, Juhi Chawla opens up about watching a match with co-partner and co-actor Shah Rukh Khan. The actress described that while the experience of watching the match is always amazing, it is never a great experience to share it with the megastar, because the latter often gets too emotional and even vents out at her.

In an interaction with IANS during an event in Mumbai, Juhi Chawla was seen talking about being the owner of Kolkata Knight Riders along with her husband Jay Mehta and co-star Shah Rukh Khan. The actress, who has also been a close friend of Khan since their early days in Bollywood, explained about how emotions often run high during a match. “IPL is always exciting. We all are in front of our television sets. When our team plays, it is interesting to watch them and we all are highly tense,” she said.

She also went on to elaborate on why it is not a good idea to have Juhi and Khan watch a match together and added, “It is not good to watch a match with him (Shah Rukh Khan) because when our team is not performing well, he vents out his anger at me. I tell him to tell that to the team and not me. So we are not the best people to watch the match with. I think the same goes for a lot of owners. They all can be seen sweating while their teams play.”

Kolkata Knight Riders, which has been one of the most prominent IPL teams since its early days in 2008, has won the championship twice, in the year 2012 and 2014 and has Shreyas Iyer as the captain of the team this season.


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