After Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife Aaliya filed for a divorce, several theories around their divorce started floating. There were reports of Aaliya being in a relationship with another man doing the rounds. Recently a picture started doing the rounds in which the actor’s wife could be seen posing with another man who reports suggested was the third in the relationship that wreaked havoc in Nawazuddin’s married life.

Man in viral photo with Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife Aaliya says the image was cropped to tarnish his image; will consider legal action

Now, the man in question, Peeyush Pandey who is a media professional told a TV news channel that he should not be dragged into a family tussle which has nothing to do with him. He said that the picture doing the rounds was taken at a party where 20 other guests were also present. He claimed that the image was cropped and was being used to malign him and tarnish his image. Pandey said that the original image has three people in it and has been cropped in a manner that suggests that there is something going on between him and Aaliya.

Peeyush also revealed that he has been advised to take legal action which he will consider pursuing post lockdown. He said that it is unfair that he is being targeted and made a scapegoat. Pandey said that he has been professionally associated with Nawazuddin for some years and met his wife through him.

Meanwhile, Aaliya Siddiqui had earlier cleared the air around the photo, dismissing all reports of an alleged affair. “To begin with, let me clarify that I am not into “ANY RELATIONSHIP” with any MAN; and any media report which makes such claims, are absolutely false. It appears that some section of the media have manipulated with my photograph to make such ridiculous claims to divert attention…” she tweeted.


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