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Rishi Rich & Yashraj – ‘Kanipatu’… A tribute to the spirit of Mumbai

Break The Noise Records, the recently formed label from the Rishi Rich camp has unleashed it’s second offering on the world.Following the success of ‘Das De Tu’, the label’s debut release last month, Break The Noise Records continues with its pledge to bring new and exciting talent to the fore as it delivers the exceptional track ‘Kanipatu’ featuring the amazing writer, poet and rapper ‘Yashraj‘.Kanipatu, inspired by the word “Kanipettu”, means to wait or expect, (in Telegu). The song pays tribute to the everlasting spirit of Mumbai the city that like New York, never sleeps, and references to how everyone is equipped to deal with all hurdles and challenges they face in Mumbai city.Speaking about the song, Yashraj says: “Kanipatu is my take on the Mumbaikar spirit and how we have been raised by this jungle-like-city. Mumbai has a very cut-throat environment and functions on the ‘survival of the fittest’ principle.

Kanipatu is my salute to that spirit.”Yashraj is a 20-year-old musical marvel straight outta Mumbai. He describes himself as a kid who’s more himself on stage than in normal life. The young artist is no newcomer to the limelight having performed throughout his school and college life and receiving critical acclaim from both his peers and the industry.Supported by artists like MarshmelloLost StoriesZaedenDIVINERitviz to name a few; this hip-hop prodigy believes in doing things differently, experimenting and putting so much work into it that it seems effortless.Yashraj doesn’t have a selective audience: “It’s like some of my songs if I rap them my friends and people of my age group would really like it, and if I read the same things a little slower to my parents, even they would flip! So basically everyone who’s willing to accept a new sound, a new approach to things,” he says.
Kanipatu’ is supported by a unique and dramatic animated video that highlights this young artist’s refreshing view on the world, his desire to break the mould and make his mark in his own unique way.Rishi Rich is excited by the release: “I remember being in the studio making the beat for Kanipatu and my friend Aayushman had come to see me. He loved the sound and told me he was managing an artist and said let me show you what he can do over this beat.He sent me a demo which was very close to what the original sounded like and I was like wow, this guy is crazy! We met up and he was so young and talentedfull of energy and just so happy doing his thing.I love making music like this, this kind of vibe, these kinds of beats and Yashraj was a perfect choice to deliver the vocals, he’s got great flow. It’s good to find a artists who’s on that kind of level where it’s just him throughout the track, no backing or chorus required. When something is so pure, it doesn’t need additives!
One of the key aspects of Break The Noise Records is its passion for developing undiscovered and/or emerging talent along with supporting independent artists around the world. Working hand in hand with Believe Distribution; this new and inspiring collaboration is certain to deliver great music to its listeners whilst continuing to develop and mould the artists of tomorrow. Kanipatu released on the 20th July 2020 globally via digital outlets and streaming platforms.



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