Met Shakti Kapoor lately? Well he is plus 8kg than before and wants to still add 2 kg. Reason? Shraddha Kapoor’s father has been told to put on 10 kg for a role in an upcoming web show, which he has in fact already started shooting for.

Shakti says that it of course didn’t happen over a short period of time. “It took me about 2 months but now I am feeling heavy. Chalne mein pet hilta hai. Shraddha fed me with a lot of yummy dishes ordered online and I am from the school of Sunil Dutt and Vinod Khanna who always ate simple homemade food on the sets. Aaj kal ke bachche jo cheezen khaate hain woh maine kabhi nahi khayi thi isse pehle. Now it is not that they gain weight but I did- because I started eating too much food outside every day and almost stopped doing my workouts. I have been only eating and resting at home ever since I took up a role of playing a music director who hasn’t cut his hair since a long time. So yeah, I even had to grow my hair. Quite a challenge, especially that of forcing food down your gullet when you are not sufficiently hungry.”

Shakti Kapoor

And how does he go back to his original weight? Replies Shakti, “Well, it would have been easy if I had just shifted into reverse gear. But there is a problem. The shoot in question is not happening for another month from today. So, there is a gap. This means that I have to ensure that I only add 2 more kilos and not lose any weight hereafter till I report on the web shoot again because the remaining portions need me to be fatter. In such a case, the fat will pile on thick and thin- and it might be difficult to shed it thereafter,” adding jokingly, “I might have to go to Aamir Khan on how to go back to square one (Aamir had successfully gone through a similar grind for ‘Dangal’).”


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