Just when you thought that Gurmeet Choudhary has done it all for people suffering from COVID-19, he pushes his envelope even further. Gurmeet has now tied up with a team of young doctors (pan India) or as they are now known, Covid Warriors to launch Covi-Med, free teleconsultation service for home isolated patients with mild to moderate symptoms so that they don’t panic, don’t self medicate, and most importantly they don’t need to leave their houses for immediate help. He has tied up with 19 young doctors across the country who will be available from 10 am to 8 pm via two numbers on Whatsapp Messenger for any doubts related to COVID-19.

Gurmeet Choudhary ties up with young doctors and launches a free tele-consultation service for COVID-19 patients

Not only will the team of doctors provide medical consultation, but they are also armed with the knowledge on how to deal with the anxiety that comes with whilst testing positive for Covid-19, a disease that may have taken over the world but can very much be cured at home in isolation if the right care and medication are given for mild cases.

The team of doctors of Covi-Med will consult through two operating WhatsApp numbers. Once the patient sends a message, they will be asked for their details and medical history and a registered practitioner will call them back ASAP. They will advise and treat mild to moderate symptoms of covid patients in home isolation, provide a medical opinion if in need of hospitalization, deal with all mental health-related queries, provide post-Covid Care and follow up, in addition to counseling by a psychiatrist every week plus follow up.

Covi-Med currently has around 19 doctors in their team and many are still volunteering, a few nursing officers have also volunteered to help in follow-up. The team of doctors behind this initiative with Gurmeet Choudhary headlining the same is Dr. Rupraj Abhishek, Dr. S. H. Warsi, Suchitra Verma, and Dr. Rajshree to name a few.


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