In the past year in these uncertain times, if there is something we have learned and understood is the fact that nothing is more important than health. Kartik Aaryan who has always been there for the masses to spread the right awareness on social media takes another step to spread the right information.

Kartik Aaryan spreads awareness about CPR

Kartik Aaryan has taken up the cause to spread awareness about CPR. Cardiac arrest has been a common cause of deaths across all age groups for a long time. A way to prevent your loved ones from succumbing to a cardiac arrest is to learn the effective skills of CPR. No wonder Kartik Aaryan makes netizens aware of this and asks people to join a workshop held by iCare – an initiative by cardiologists.

He talks about the importance of this workshop through a video, where he said, “Life is fragile and precious, and cardiac arrest is the leading cause of sudden death across all age groups. And if you are trained in CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation you can save a life if someone has a cardiac arrest in front of you. Learn this life-saving skill with an hour-long workshop being conducted by iCare – an initiative by cardiologists who have seen too many deaths that may have been prevented.” He further adds that how we can become responsible citizens and help save people’s lives, “It’s time for us to step up and get active in our own communities. We can and we will soon be at par with the countries where almost everyone over the age of 15 knows CPR. Let’s do this together.”

Last year during the pandemic, Aaryan had taken up the cause to spread the right information about the dos’ and dont’s during the pandemic and busted several myths too in his own signature witty way.


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