House of Secrets, this 3-episode Netflix series by Leena Yadav, is about a mystery that sent shockwaves throughout Delhi.

In a baffling and spine-chilling incident that took place in July 2018, a family of 11 people hung themselves in a neighbourhood named Burari in Delhi.

What first appeared like suicide had a hint of foul play in it, but nobody had a clue about the truth.

A general store, owned by the Bhatia family, would open early each day. One morning their neighbour Gurcharan Singh notices that the Bhatias had not opened their shop. Curious, he went to their house to check when he found 11 bodies hanging from iron rods on the ceiling.

He rushed to inform others and the incident soon caught media attention, after which, it became the news of national importance. The police were under a lot of pressure as it had quickly turned into a very high-profile case.

The Chief Minister of Delhi himself went to the scene to get a ground report and thousands of theories began to float and the blame game began.

Amidst the chaos, investigating officers strike gold when they find registers from the house with obscure messages in them.

While some believe the series raises awareness about the need for mental health awareness in Indian society, others share their horrific experience after watching it saying they cannot unsee what they just did and that they’ll probably never lead a normal life again.


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