Disappointing news for Alia Bhatt’s fans in Andhra Pradesh. The Gangubai Kathiawadi actress won’t be speaking in her own voice in the Telugu version of RRR. The buzz in Hyderabad is that Alia’s diction, for all her tutoring, is not correct.

Alia Bhatt won’t be speaking her own Telugu lines in RRR

Alia Bhatt won’t be speaking her own Telugu lines in RRR

“Alia worked hard on learning Telugu from scratch for RRR. And Rajamouli was very keen to keep her original voice, since a dubbed voice takes away from the original performance. However finally it was felt that it was better to dub her voice as her Telugu accent was incorrect,” says a source.

When I asked Alia about her Telugu lines she said, “Yes, I did get a coach to learn Telugu from scratch and I did learn the language especially for my role in RRR. But I don’t know if they are keeping my voice. If they aren’t, it’s because the emotion of the moment in the scenes must not be compromised by the spoken lines.”

About her very brief role in RRR right after being in almost every frame of Gangubai Kathiawadi Alia shrugs, “I did RRR only for the pleasure of working with Rajamouli Sir. The length of the role is not relevant.’


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