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Jason Derulo of Jalebi Baby fame and Urvashi Rautela to come together for a song

In another Bollywood – Hollywood collaboration, Producer Gaurang Doshi who has become a part of every musical conversations in the last month makes another big announcement. After Jalebi Baby, Jason Derulo gears up for his second big Bolly collab with Miss Universe and actress Urvashi Rautela. Considering the stature of the collab with two superstars in one frame, fans expect nothing less than a global chartbuster.

Jason Derulo of Jalebi Baby and Urvashi Rautela to come together for a song

Gaurang being a hands-on producer who is on a spree of international collaborations, has been taking utmost care of his artists. In fact for the first time ever a producer has brought ace cosmetologist Dr.Basem, a leading name in beauty care and celebrity Cosmetologist on board to enhance the look of all the artist associated with the web series under his production.

“Why restrict ourselves to only Indian music, why not bring two cultures together and create music that anyone can enjoy, regardless of language or background. There have been so many collaborations between two industries which has shown us that people are not only open to hearing new and unique sounds, but they also want more. My Partner and brother Rocky Khan is a pillar of strength for me and I am proud to be bridging between our Bollywood talent and the confluence created is unique. I love it when artists sound excited about knowing how loved our Bollywood is, our music history has broken all barriers and I know that pioneering in this music space is an enjoyable experience and especially bringing our talent to work with highly acclaimed artists from the world to create the BEST collaborations of the world,” says Gaurang Doshi

Ecstatic about the collaboration, Urvashi says,”Gaurang Doshi and Rocky Khan are creating ripples in and the effect has engulfed me too and I m the lucky one who got this amazing opportunity to work with Jason. He was so excited to know about our music and dance, he loved our cinema, and love his music, this was a different experience for me and I m so glad that I could get to be in the song.”

This happens to be his second Bollywood collaboration and Jason is exhilarated about it. Says,”Bollywood has been intriguing now when I m working with Gaurang/Rocky and Urvashi seems like a good vibe. I wanted to know how the dance and colour of the songs translate and my experience with the team is a dream come true. I m so looking forward to the release.”

We haven’t gotten over yet with the news about the biggest and first Collaboration of Honey Singh and Lill’Pump and Dj Shadow …. We have another one blowing our mind.



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