The Yash starrer KGF – Chapter 2 hit screens today. One of the most talked about and hyped films of recent times, the venture is expected to open on a high note. In fact, going by the advance booking, KGF 2 could well see its Day 1 collections crossing Rs. 40 cr. As the film hits screens, we hear that the makers of KGF – Chapter 2 have included an easter egg of sorts in the film. In fact, the makers of KGF 2 have given a hint about the next film in the series KGF – Chapter 3.

KGF – Chapter 2: Yash starrer reveals hint of follow up Chapter 3 in post credit scene

As per reports, in the post-credits scene, a library peon is seen going through a series of files, one of which features the prominent title that reads, ‘KGF – Chapter 3’. In a very Marvel Cinematic Universe kind of way, the makers of the KGF series have managed to pique fans’ interest in the next venture while at the same time offering them a bit more bang for their buck with the current release.

As for now, KGF – Chapter 2 has seen a wide release and an unheard-of advance-booking rate is piqued to rake in over Rs. 45 cr on its opening day. Given the positive trend of booking, good reviews, and of course widespread audience acceptance, KGF 2 could well become the highest grosser of the year.


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