From the beginning you notice the film grading, aspect ratio and the quirky direction and you realize that will eventually become a cult favourite in the future. Aspiring rapper Vinny finds out his ex-girlfriend is engaged to be married, so he assembles a crew from his neighborhood to break into her father’s grocery store and steal her dowry in this Spike Lee styled film showcasing random slices of the neighbourhood life and characters surrounding the hilarious plot of the movie.

There are quite a lot of laughs here even if it’s the traditional comedic formula. A light and fun watch with solid performances all around, with the accolades going to Sharmita Bhattacharya, who is both beautifully captivating and comical with every moment of screen time.

The heist which was planned in hopes of ruining his ex-girlfriend’s wedding is visualized in fantasized classic heist movie tropes, Don’t mistake this heist as an Ocean’s 11 George Clooney style of heist but you will be in for a surprise following Vinny’s heist attempt.

The sources of comedy here include that colorful milieu, the oddballs who populate it and the way people with no special skills might attempt a burglary. There’s not quite enough of each on its own, but together all that adds up to a few laughs and plenty of chuckles. The picture kind of goes to pieces in the third act, but not before we’ve had a fantasized Bollywood production number — produced on the cheap — and lots of gags about haplessness, loserdom and goat feces.

These Four Samosas — the Indian potato appetizer is slang for a lot of things get by on the their own ineptitude, and the fish-out-of-water clumsiness of transplanted people who don’t “fit in” any more than they need to, because it’d be a tragedy if they did.

This movie is a definite light hearted watch and is destined to become a cult favourite like Kal Penn’s ‘American Desi’ which shaped a whole generation’s perspective at its time.


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