Critically acclaimed filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj’s new movie, a 30-minute short film titled Fursat which has just dropped on and its YouTube page. The highlight is that Apple roped in the filmmaker to shoot the entire film on iPhone 14 Pro, which is their latest flagship mobile. The film stars Ishaan Khatter and Wamiqa Gabbi.

Vishal Bhardwaj seems upbeat about moving with the times and shooting on an iPhone, he said, “A traditional film camera comes with 10 people, 3 attendants and 10 boxes of lenses… you can’t move around. You can’t be quick. iPhone liberated me in that sense. I’ve never had this kind of scale in my films ever before. And this can tell you about the scale iPhone can achieve.” Ishaan Khatter said, “Vishal sir was enjoying himself; he was like a child on the sets with an iPhone. We all had fun on the sets of this film, which had an iPhone camera.”

Shot entirely on iPhone 14 Pro, Fursat is a Bollywood-style musical celebrating the power of love. Helmed by award-winning Bollywood director, Vishal Bhardwaj, and supported by a cast and crew of celebrated Bollywood personalities—the film has all the ingredients of popular cinema, including songs and choreographed dances, which are integral to Bollywood, packaged together on a scale never seen before for a non-commercial film. The film shows scenes shot in a desert, underwater, on a train, and in various different locations like a hospital and dance stage.

Speaking about shooing the action scenes in the iPhone 14 Pro without a gimbal, Bhardwaj said, “Action mode was the biggest surprise for me. In Fursat, we’ve covered a lot of things in Action mode. If you see the raw footage, the visual is so jarring and destabilised. On Action mode, it’s so smooth. You have to see it to believe it.” The director of Photography of Fursat, Swapnil Sonawane said, “I think Action mode is the most amazing update. For it to be held in your hand and run with all your might looking at the actor, one can get extremely steady shots, without external gimbal. “

Fursat has dropped today on and it’s YouTube page.


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