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BTS’ Jung Kook drops music video for ‘Hate You’ ahead of his military enlistment

The global popstar Jung Kook of BTS revealed the music video for ‘Hate You‘, a pop ballad featured in his critically-acclaimed first solo album GOLDEN. The song evokes a deep surge of emotions with a simple blend of lofi piano and Jung Kook’s vocals. It portrays the heartbreaking moment of forcing oneself to hate one’s innocent beloved as the love one feels is too much to bear. Shawn Mendes took part in songwriting.

The music video opens with a somber tone as Jung Kook sits by himself on a bed singing in a lonely and solemn manner. He calmly recites lyrics, avoiding eye contact. Later, an animated sequence tells a story of animosity turning into sincere love. The video eventually shows his fixed gaze as if expressing his genuineness, contradicting the song’s lyrical theme. Audiences are taken on a transformative journey alongside the artist as the video unfolds, shifting from a melancholic black-and-white ambience to a burst of colours with vibrant hues breathing life into the visuals.

The music video showcases Jung Kook’s unparalleled ability to convey raw emotion through both music and visuals. The poignant lyrics, complemented by the evocative cinematography, forge a powerful synergy that connects with audiences on an emotional level.



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