2023 has been a landmark year for Bollywood as several films did record-breaking business. But Animal’s blockbuster success has stunned the industry and trade. They are not able to explain or even process how this film with excessive violence and adults-only rating has chances of becoming the biggest grosser in the history of Hindi cinema! 

1. A film need not appeal to all sections of the audience
Since time immemorial, it was believed that only clean, universal films have the chance of becoming blockbusters. Animal has dispelled this notion (and how). In many parts of the country, it’s only the male audience that is coming out in hordes to watch the film. And yet, without the support of children, families and women, it’s on the way to set new records.

2. A film can succeed despite 3 hours+ run time
There was a time when films had a length of more than 3 hours. However, over the years, a perception was created that viewers now have shorter attention spans and prefer films with shorter run times. This led to the trend that a film shouldn’t be more than 2.30 hours long. Karan Johar, in fact, cut down on the theme music of the Dharma Productions logo since his film Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani’s length was supposedly too long. Some even cited practical difficulties since longer films meant fewer shows, which in turn might result in lesser revenue. Animal is 3 hours and 23 minutes long and despite not having as many shows as a 2-hour-long film, it’s doing blockbuster business. Also, if the film has enough meat, viewers are ready to invest 3-4 hours of their lives happily.

3. Social media trolling can’t affect the film much
In today’s times, several artists and PRs dread criticism on social media. They go all out to ensure that the harsh posts get deleted or they try to balance it out with positive comments. Animal was slammed heavily by a certain section for its misogyny and certain scenes and dialogues. The box office figures indicate that it hasn’t dented the collections. On the contrary, this criticism made many viewers curious to check out the film. They wanted to know why a faction is up in arms. And this translated into healthy box office numbers.

4. A film can become a blockbuster even on non-holiday
Animal was released on a non-Holiday Friday and non-holiday weekend and yet, the Hindi version crossed the Rs. 50 crore mark on Friday and Saturday and even the Rs. 60 crore mark on Sunday. This makes it clear once and for all that one doesn’t need to release their films on festivals or extended holidays to make more money. Get your content right, promote it well and the sky’s the limit.

5 A film can become a blockbuster even without blockbuster pricing
The makers of Animal opted for popular pricing instead of asking multiplexes and theatres to sell tickets at blockbuster prices. In other words, the rates of the tickets were lower than those of Tiger 3, Pathaan and Jawan. By doing so, the rates in most cinemas were comparatively reasonable and within the reach of the common man. It also gave an incentive to several moviegoers to opt for repeat viewing, leading to a spike in collections. It proves yet again that hiking ticket rates won’t deliver results if the content is not strong.

6. Audience in Gujarat is ready to watch adult films
For years, it was believed that Gujarat is a conservative state where adult-themed films are a strict no-no. Animal broke this myth instantly. Like the rest of the country, the audience is turning up in huge numbers to watch the Sandeep Reddy Vanga directorial in hordes in the dry state.

7. Ranbir Kapoor is a superstar
It was a risk to mention ‘Superstar Ranbir Kapoor’ on the posters of Animal. But the risk paid off. Ranbir was a rising star and with Animal, it has been established beyond doubt that he’s a superstar who’s destined for greater heights.


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