Falak Ahmed Sheikh’s ‘Mehermaan’ will make you swoon! Check out the video!

Falak Ahmed Sheikh has already made her mark in the industry with soulful music and harmonious symphonies. Her song, ‘Mehermaan’,has created ripples in the musical world with its soulful rendition and wholesome feeling.

Directed by Neha Laaj, the music video depicts an adorable love story between Falak and Rizwan Ali Jaffery, who plays her love interest wonderfully. The beautiful melody lasts throughout the song, with Falak’s enchanting vocals making the moments all the more memorable as she paints a lovely picture, with sweet but tactful details of her unwillingness to say goodbye to somebody she deeply cares about. The depth of the lyrical composition by Hassan Ali Hashmi has been executed beautifully by Falak, who will have you listening to the song throughout just to hear more!

With a glorious backdrop rich with different scenes; from the magical staircase, to her home, to a nostalgic flashback with adorable glimpses that came before her own proposal, Mehermaan is a joy to both watch and listen to. The lyrics mirror the engaging story with enthralling pastels by Yasmin Zaman accentuating the fairytale like flair, especially when Rizwan pops the question on one knee! The charming old- fashioned yet traditional love with a modern twist is a continuing theme throughout
the track!

The element of soul and deep resonating meaning are not only impactful but have the ability to invoke a sense of endearment in whoever may be watching or listening. With scenes illustrating the deep sense of emotions and whimsical allure, whether it
be a flashback of a special moment, loving glimpses or moments of longing and reminiscing about the joyous days, Mehermaan will have you swooning!

Falak Ahmed Sheikh has not only dazzled us with her impressive vocal chords, but her trancelike manner of performance creates a warm and loving environment, enriched with a delightful love story. The fact that it causes us to feel and experience different emotions makes it evident that the song is worth a listen, taking you to a dream-like state.

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