Ali Noor and Ali Hamza have been focusing on their own projects recently and have agreed to release a solo album before they get back together to work on the next Noori album. This will give them an opportunity to explore their style of music and grow themselves.

His new song is about the freedom of the mind and ensues lyrics that reverberates letting go of the past and live your life at the fullest. The song features a whole band starring Aleena Naghman, Ayesha Binte Rashid, Azeem Hamid, Hina Zaidi, Kami Paul, Kashif Ejaz, Khizer Zahid, Kumail Jaffery, Mandana Zaidi, Mehak Ali, Nosherwan Adil, Nouman Javaid, Raheel Minhas, Sanjana Zehra, Umnia Iftikhar.

Since the song’s debut, people on social media are in awe of it. Many are lauding Ali Noor for his ingenuity to amalgamate progressive beats with his old magic. Others are commending the song for being totally relatable and cannot wait for similar compilations. The rock and roll groove with powerful lyrics is definitely winning people over. Previously, the musician explained that there were some technical glitches which is why the premiere of the song had to be delayed. The only issue is lyrically it shows that Ali Noor hasn’t grown from the early days of his Suno Key Main Hoon Jawan album. The same typical lyrics are present in the new song as well which will sound very familiar. We do hope that there are more songs on his new album that are more thought provoking such as Ooncha.

Check out the music video below and let us know what you think.


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