Actress Kangana Ranaut is often in the headlines for her Twitter account. Ever since she arrived on Twitter, she has been known to make controversial posts. On Wednesday, the actress said that her Twitter account had been temporarily restricted.

Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account temporarily restricted; actress says she will be back with 'reloaded desh bhakt version'

“Librus cried to their chacha @jack and got my account temporarily restricted, they are threatening me mera account/virtual identity kabhi bhi desh keliye shaheed ho sakti hai, magar my reloaded desh bhakt version will reappear through my movies. Tumhara jeena dushwar karke rahungi,” the actress said in her tweet.

Following her claim, #SuspendKanganaRanaut has been trending on Twitter as netizens have been asking Twitter to suspend her account.


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