Aryan Khan who is currently lodged in the Arthur Road jail in Mumbai has not been able to meet any member of his family since his arrest. A very close friend of the Khans reveals to this writer the shocking truth. “They’ve been trying desperately for visiting rights. Achcha chalo, visiting right nahin toh kam-se-kam ek baar apne bete se milne toh do (okay fine, if not visiting rights than at least let them meet their son once). But they are being denied even that.”

Gauri Khan becoming progressively anxious; Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri not permitted to visit Aryan Khan

Apparently the parents, especially Aryan’s mother Gauri is becoming progressively anxious. “She is inconsolable. She is within her rights to wonder why her son is being locked up with hardened criminal and why he is not allowed basic rights like meeting his parents. He is just a child. He can’t be treated this way. He has no criminal record. He is well behaved and polite to everyone. What is he being held for?” the distressed friend wonders.

While the parents’ hopes of seeing their son home are pinned on the bail plea on Wednesday we as parents can only wonder what Shah Rukh and Gauri are going through.


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