Underestimated by Anantpal Billa

“3Q Records” & “3Q Media” presents “Anantpal Billa” with his debut EP project titled “Underestimated”. The EP features music by “Tank”, “Indi Gill”, “Jus Ritz and “Raju Singh”. The lyrics for the EP have been penned by ”Bhinder Khanpuri”, the artwork and videos were done by ”Sonu Sekhon.” 

Track listing:

1.    Anantpal Billa & Tank – Dil Da Booha

2.    Anantpal Billa & Indi Gill – Tu Chaidi

3.    Anantpal Billa & Jus Ritz Feat. DEA – Lakh Da

4.    Anantpal Billa & Raju Singh – Naal Soniye

“Anantpal Billa” who was previously known as “Billa Ferozpuria” was born & raised in Ferozpur, Punjab. Anantpal made his debut in 2010 with his first song ‘Magic’ alongside one of UK’s best DJ’s “AJD”. Anantpal entered “Voice of Punjab” in 2011 but was unable to continue due to unforeseen circumstances. He returned in 2012 and became the official winner of “Voice of Punjab 3” alongside “Nimrat Khaira”. After winning the competition Anantpal joined forces with lyricist “Bhinder Khanpuri” and released hit songs such as ‘Khushiyan’, Tu Dardi’, ‘Patola’, ‘Lakh Tut Ju’ & Many more. 

The EP ‘Underestimated’ is set for release on Thursday 31st March 2022 and will be available on all major platforms.


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