A lot of the Pakistani underground rock followers may remember Zzen from the underground scene back in the days at the rise of underground rock scene. Some of the bands either dismantled or were forgotten but one band that is still producing great music and stood out amongst the rest is Zzen! And, now they are back with another upcoming release titled ‘Runaway Remedy’ which will keep you hooked! They have been on a journey to explore their new sound and you will be pleasantly surprised to hear what is in store!

The song will be releasing on July 22nd but you can pre-save it to your list and be notified when it is released using the link below:


You can check out some of their other material at the below links:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj2GCaJjBqI (Maula – Visualizer)

Official Site: everythingzzen.com


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