Amid the escalating tensions surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict, Bollywood actor Kalki Koechlin took a bold step by deleting her X (formerly known as Twitter) account, citing the proliferation of disinformation and hate on the social media platform. The actor revealed her decision on Instagram, where she posted a screenshot before removing the application from her phone.

Expressing her reasons for leaving the platform, Kalki Koechlin laid bare the toxic atmosphere that had permeated her online experience. In her Instagram post, she conveyed her frustration with the barrage of hate, disinformation, and the overwhelming sense of helplessness that came with incessant scrolling through troubling content. However, what truly prompted Kalki to draw a definitive line and sever ties with Twitter was the disturbing content related to the Israel-Hamas conflict. The actor articulated her stance, saying, “Had to do this today. The hate and disinformation, the doom scrolling, the helplessness. But what really crossed the line for me, what really made me draw a boundary was the denial or the justification of Palestinian children murdered in the thousands or the denial or glorification of Israeli women being raped, tortured and murdered. I have had enough.”

Kalki’s decision to disengage from the platform reflected a growing concern about the role of social media in spreading information and fostering a toxic environment, particularly during times of conflict.


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