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Working from home getting to you and your partner? Here’s how to maintain peace between you two!

Here’s how to maintain peace in your relationship during quarantine.

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing everyone to stay at home, being around your family members and partner for an extended period of time could be a challenge. And while it gives those in relationships ample time together, it also familiarises you to things that normally would have been avoided had they been in office. While this quarantine schedule is sure to test those untouched waters in a relationship, one can also take this time to assess and enhance their relationship, instead of bickering over unnecessary issues.

Here are some ways in which you can keep your quarantine time peaceful and conflict-free.

Have separate workspaces

Having separate workspaces will lead to minimal interaction during work hours, thus, reducing any distractions that might trigger a fight. And the time you spend with your partner during lunch or in the evenings should not include any stress-inducing topics.

Engage in some productive activity together

Try couple workouts or basic exercises together. You can also help each other with household chores. Rearranging your closet with your partner’s help is also a good alternative. As they say that an idle brain is a devil’s workshop, keeping yourself occupied is the best way to avoid fights.

Figure out a routine closest to your daily work routine

Couples that were used to seeing off their partners to work can find the stay-at-home routine a bit disruptive. Figuring out a routine closest to that of your office schedule, can help your partner in getting used to the new work-from-home changes.

Stay calm if there’s chance of a fight

If one of you is feeling irritated about something, take some time alone and calm yourself down. Then calmly speak to your partner about it without making them feel they’re being attacked.

Watch your favourite shows together or listen to a podcast

After finishing all the office work that you would be doing from home, the time that you finally get to spend with your partner can be enhanced by either watching your favourite show or listening to a light-hearted podcast.



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